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Garage Heaters

When winter hits, there's one area that we often wish was warmer than it is; the garage. If you have a detached garage that houses your vehicles or workshop, you may want to consider looking at a garage heater. These can not only make the air in the building warmer and more comfortable, but it can actually help when it comes to warming up the car or truck in the morning. We offer a wide selection of electric and gas garage heating systems.

Modine Hot-Dawg Garage Heaters


Hot Dawg® Power Vented (HD)

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Model Family: HD
Sound Level: Quiet operation
Warranty: Full 10-year warranty on heat exchanger
Manufacturer's Stated Benefits:
  • Use your workspace - comfortably - year-round
  • Only Modine offers numerous colors and appearance kits, letting you heat your space in style
  • Free up more workspace by getting rid of space heaters that clutter up the area
  • Uses natural or propane gas
  • Standard power exhaust simplifies side-wall or roof venting with small-diameter vent pipe
  • Permanently-lubricated motor for trouble-free dependability
  • Controls can be either single or two-stage, direct spark ignition, 100% shut-off with continuous retry
  • Low-profile design and neutral color to blend in with decor

Hot Dawg® Separated Combustion (HDS)

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Model Family: HDS
Sound Level: Quiet operation
Warranty: Full 10-year warranty on heat exchanger
Manufacturer's Stated Benefits:
  • Draws combustion air from outside the work space, ensuring the unit always has plenty of fresh, clean air to breathe
  • The fresh air supply reduces common concerns about dusty, dirty or humid applications, providing greater durability and reduced
  • Factory assembled, certified separated combustion saves installation time
  • Heats area safely with small-diameter vent through the side wall or roof
  • Permanently lubricated motor for ongoing dependability

HOT DAWG™ H2O Low Profile Hot Water Unit Heater

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Model Family: HHD
Sound Level: Quiet Operation
Warranty: 10 -year warranty on heat exchanger
Manufacturer's Stated Benefits:
  • Constructed of heavy gauge steel for long lasting durability
  • Includes two mounting brackets with vibration isolators to reduce noise and vibration
  • Internal coil can handle water pressures up to 150 PSI and temperatures up to 200°F